Children of Belsen and the Holocaust Trust

This Charitable Trust was initiated by Hetty E. Verolme a survivor of Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp which was was liberated by the British on 15 April 1945. Hetty swore from that day forward never again to be a victim. In her later years, she vowed to tell her story to as many people as possible, so that these atrocities would never again happen to children, or anyone. Indeed Hetty began her campaign on 18th April 1945 with an interview given to Patrick Gordon Walker the War Journalist, of the BBC. That interview is still held in the archives of the BBC, London.


Hetty’s most recent interview with the BBC London 2018-

Hetty on ABC TV 7.30 WA Edition. Courtesy of ABC Perth Hetty Verolme on ABC TV 7.30

‘Children of Belsen and the Holocaust Trust’ was formed to:

  • Provide economic support for Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants in direct line in necessitous circumstances.
  • Relieving poverty and its effect among the Survivors of Belsen and the Holocaust and the Descendants of the Survivors of Belsen and the Holocaust.
  • Provide funding to ensure continued education of the Descendants of Survivors of Belsen and the Holocaust.
  • Provide funding and other assistance to students of Holocaust studies.
  • Provide assistance for accommodation for students of the Holocaust.
  • Provide financial assistance to enable Survivors and Descendants of Survivors to visit Concentration Camps , the graves and other sites associated with the Holocaust

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