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Guided by the objectives of ‘Children of Belsen and the Holocaust Trust’ it is our Mission to first and foremost alleviate where possible, stress for Survivors of the Holocaust, as they are the basis for whom this Trust was formed. There would also be secondary consideration for their descendants.

  • To ensure Survivor’s accommodation is of a good standard and give care when needed.
  • Arrange transport for visits to Doctors or other services to maintain their well-being.
  • Assist with funding for items in the home that will make their lives more comfortable.
  • To supply meals at home if they are incapable of cooking.
  • To drive Survivors to places of worship if they so desire.
  • To arrange for the younger generation to pay a visit to the homes of the Survivors.
  • ‘Closing the Gap’ by arranging outings for Survivors accompanied by a younger person.
  • To ensure continued education of Descendants of the Survivors of Belsen and the Holocaust.
  • To provide funding for the study of the Holocaust and the aftermath thereof.
  • To provide funding or accommodation for students of the Holocaust who live in remote areas.
  • To provide financial assistance to enable Holocaust Survivors and/or their Descendants to visit Concentration Camps, or graves sites associated with the Holocaust.
  • To assist with any other necessity or service for Holocaust Survivors or their Descendants.

About Hetty Verolme

Werkendam NL 2015

Werkendam NL 2015

With a determined spirit and a penchant for public speaking Hetty has never ceased expressing herself about this dreadful time in history. In her later years Hetty has crusaded tirelessly with a strong belief, that communication with young students will help the next generation to understand that these events really did happen and that they can keep the knowledge and the truth of the Holocaust alive, by spreading the word and passing it down to their own children.

> See Hetty on ABC TV 7.30 WA Edition., screened a few months back.Courtesy of ABC TV Perth. 

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