The Gift Fund

The Gift Fund is accredited by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient or DGR which means;

  • The Donor can claim a donation of $2.00 or more from their Taxation as a deduction
  • The DGR accreditation is valid for Australia only

The Gift Fund is to assist Survivors of Belsen and the Holocaust, providing economic support in poverty, sickness, suffering and are in necessitous circumstances.

The Trust Account

  • To assist and fund the education of Descendants of Holocaust Survivors
  • To assist and fund students who study the Holocaust
  • To assist students of the Holocaust with accommodation if they live in remote areas
  • Provide financial assistance to enable Survivors and Descendants of Survivors to visit the Concentration Camps, the Graves and other places associated with the Holocaust
  • The Trust Account does not have a DGR accreditation


If you are a Holocaust Survivor and believe you are eligible to receive assistance,
please refer to our contact page.

WWII History explained

The English Army liberated Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp on 15th April 1945. They referred to it as Belsen and it is recorded as such.


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